Music :

- Sample  » AmenBreak  » Recorded on Vinyl « amen_break.wav »
- Sample  » Incredible Bongo Band – Apache  » on Vinyl « Apache_loop  »
- Loop Pack 01, with 21 breaks sampled « Jungle_loop_pack_01 »

Working :

    – Bass Trap, angle 45°00_mesures
Building a box for soundproofing of music room.
Details on pictures :

- Check view more picts. or  » Dowload zip pictures  »


      – Bedsprings without screwsIMG_0420
here comes, an project for one bed without screws
without steel.

Details on picts. :

plantest modelassamblyfootIMG_0409barreassemblyIMG_0402

      – Lower Balcony (breakdown & manifacturing)demol_04This is my impressive construction make at
the Zoo/Usine. For office work and local
technical below.

below_01 below_02back_stage_01
below_03below_04office_09 office_08 office_07 office_06 office_05 office_04 office_03 office_02 office_01
electricity_01 electricity_01 rack_mount_05 rack_mount_04 rack_mount_03 rack_mount_02 rack_mount_01

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